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Sewing projects, ahoy!

For the first time in probably 15 years I'm sewing for Pennsic.

In order, three linens and a cotton, and I'm thinking (in order) hippari, generic Middle Eastern pants, a dashiki or something similar, and a goofy T-tunic.

Uncle Rashid was kind enough to look over the used sewing machine Q bought me a while back, and we discovered the cams make for some cool stitching. The Greek key is nice enough, but I simply MUST do something with little boats. It also has fish, flowers, puppies and duckies. The mind reels.

I love T'Ger, but I'm all T'Gered out. He makes most things out of heavy fabric or printed cottons, which are fine when it's cooler, but not so fine in Pennsic weather. The stuff I wear year after year is stuff Uncle made me, and it's all Persian and lightweight and yummy (although T'Ger's Thai butterfly pants are nice and refreshing, I'll give him that). I figure I spend at least a hundred bucks every year at T'Ger's (usually a lot more), and have for many years, so I think I can afford to throw money at Uncle instead and have him make me garb (and Q, for that matter, who wants Mediterranean and Egyptian garb) that I can actually wear during the day at War. Heaven knows he needs the money! And now that I have a working sewing machine and the urge to use it, I might as well get crackin'! :D

70 days and counting...
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