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Had a fun weekend, by the way

We went up to Philly to belatedly celebrate Mom's 71st birthday, which was Monday last week. We drove up Friday night and made good time (we go up 301 now and almost completely avoid 95), and spent a lot of the weekend cleaning up the yard for her (cutting the lawn, etc.). Saturday night Uncle Rashid came over and we all went out to dinner at Hennessy's. Afterwards we gabbed back at the house, and Uncle figured out what was wrong with my sewing machine so I can get to making some costumes and Pennsic garb for me, Quincy and Derek. We're also hoping to throw lots of money his way so he can make us some new stuff as well. Sunday we went shopping with Mom and then headed home. Oh, and the cats came with us for the weekend, and seemed to take the travelling in stride and enjoyed poking around new surroundings.

So, yeah, fun. :) This weekend is 2 parties plus (hopefully) a visit with schnuder while he's in town.
Tags: birthdays, costuming, food, friends, mom, money, party, pennsic, philly, posh & prince, sca, shopping, travel

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