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Various bullet points for today

  • We watched The Martian Child tonight, and I really need to drop David Gerrold a note telling him how much I enjoyed it. I should really just give him a call, but that man'll talk my ear off (which, come to think of it, isn't such a bad thing).

  • We also watched The Masseur last night, a queer-ish Filipino flick with lots of hot naked boys. Although it ended rather abruptly, I thought the way they tried to tell the story was pretty good. One of the few non-US gay films where I didn't want to snap the DVD in half when it was over (if I could even get through it all the way).

  • I've been watching more movies lately, which is odd.

  • Why does my cat demand love, then fuss when he gets it? Stoopid kitteh. Plus, he is such a klutz it is to laugh.

  • I made yummy teriyaki chicken last night, and tonight we had bacon and pepperjack cheese stuffed chicken with sweet potato fries. Yum!

  • I want to start a fan club of all the cartoon characters that only ever speak one word. So far we have Shnitzel, from Chowder (he only says, "Radda") and Coco, from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (she only says, "Coco"). There are more. Who are they?

  • I opened my Storm Hawks action figures today (Finn & Junko) and put them in compromising positions (as it should be).

  • Tomorrow: Taxes!
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