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Another political thought - I think Obama should run with Clinton as her VP. Why? My thoughts (and all just my off-the-cuff opinions based on some news reports I was listening to last night on the drive home):

  • They'll unite and strengthen the party.
  • They'll have a much better shot at winning.
  • They'll have her political savvy and experience, and she can better weather what's coming between now and November.
  • He'll gain the serious political experience he needs.
  • They'll benefit from each others' differences.
  • A much better shot from VP to the presidency in 2012 or 2016 with those 4 or 8 years under his belt.
  • The most historic political ticket in U.S. history.
Personally I think it's win/win, although I'm sure neither he nor she see that now as they both genuinely want to be President, and I'm not sure that either's ego would allow them to play second fiddle, but I also believe they're both genuine about wanting to help the country (in that lofty way only politicians can be), and I wonder if this wouldn't be the ideal solution for both the Democratic party and the White House in November.

Just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree. :)
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