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Sick again, but still gaming

Stayed home sick again today, but back to work tomorrow. Still snuffly and stuffed, but I'll survive (and hopefully not be contagious). Hopefully the student workers won't have left my desk in a shambles (which they often do) and nothing exploded without me being there (which things thankfully only occasionally do).

I slept in today (doctor's orders - AS IF), but still managed to get Green up to 45. If I get sick again any time soon, 50 will be mine soon. :) I've been spending some time inventing (mostly because my salvage keeps filling up) and buying/selling at Wentworth's, and it's been interesting. I can see how someone can get engrossed in the numbers to find the "perfect" balance of powersets and enhancements, but I'm not going down that road - I'm smart enough to know that 40% improvement is better than 35%, but that 40.7% and 41.2% really don't make that much of a difference. The downside? I went from about 9M influence to less than 2M - yikes! I'll have to do some exemping to make up the difference I suppose.

I've also been spending time in Ororobouros and Fire Base Zulu. When they put out new releases I usually don't pay attention to the content beyond the highlighted stuff, or what new power sets or costume pieces or Veterans Rewards they're announcing, but I'm discovering a whole side of the game I suppose I've been missing (obviously put in over the last few releases for the 50s to keep them occupied, i.e., paying for their subscriptions), and it makes me wonder about other story arcs and content I've missed as a lowbie (I know there have been times I've spent time power-levelling and out-levelled some of my lower missions, so I know I missed out on some of them). I used to think CoH was a simpler world than WoW, but now I'm seeing a lot of depth and richness I missed before.

Anywho, it'll likely be a while before I have the time to devote to playing so time-intensely again, but it was a fun 2 days. :)
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