Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Happy Gaymas!

So Gaymas was fun.

Our friends decided to celebrate Christmas after the new year again this year, so we had the party on Friday night. Seems some people started imbibing the festive holiday cheer a little early, and a certain tall gentleman was soon falling over tables, staggering around the house, and making some very rude comments. Fortunately cooler (and more sober) heads prevailed, and he was soon escorted home so the rest of us could enjoy ourselves without having to worry about taking care of the children. (To his credit, every party attendee got personal phone calls of apology the next day, which was nice since we had to remind him what he was actually apologizing for. Ah, irony is so delicious this time of year, n'est ce pas?)

Q and I did pretty well. All our friends liked what we got them (Q put a lot of thought into all the gifts we gave, not to mention his fabulous wrapping job), and we got some nice presents. I got the second season of The Muppet Show, both seasons of Wonder Shozen (which I'm told I will love, and do so far), and Q got me all 10 special editions of the Star Trek movies, plus a "captain's picks" DVD of the various series. I got him the latest release of the Wonder Woman figures, but he already knew about those (he even bought them when we saw them because he wanted me to give them to him). Alas, I didn't get him anything else, so now I owe him a few gifts, so perhaps we'll drag Christmas out a bit longer this year. :)

Everyone had a good time and was well fed, and it was nice to see some faces we hadn't seen in a while. All in all a lovely time. :) Pictures can be found here, if you're so inclined.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up, and starting to take down the Christmas decorations. Today was back to work, and the first day of classes, so it was pretty chaotic. Nothing special planned for the week, so I'm hoping for some quiet time to catch up with much-overdue housework and chores. Been actually playing CoH off and on the past few weeks, too.

That's it. Bedtime. Laters. And Merry Christmas! :D
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