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Song quiz

OK, my ever-so-clever friends, riddle me this - identify the following song:

  • One-word title
  • Begins with "M"
  • Soft rock
  • One-hit wonder
  • Male singer
  • 80's timeframe
  • The two lines of the chorus repeat once, making up the entirety of the chorus
Go! (And if I can't get an answer here, I might actually post on SDMB. Gasp!)

Edited to add: thespian guessed correctly - it was "Maniac," by Michael Sembello. I'd heard it on the radio yesterday afternoon, then, in my aged state, I'd forgotten what it was, but remembered those little snippets, so since it had been driving me crazy, I figured you all could alleviate my Alzheimer's. (I remember weird stuff about things, like what side of the book a particular sentence was on, or that I last saw my glasses in something blue or whatever.)
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