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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Had a good weekend. Got all the house lights up (similar to last year), and just need to follow up with a few odds and ends (gonna decorate the big tree out front this year). We also started our shopping, which reminds me of how much money we *don't* have. We're heading up to my mom's for Christmas and the annual Margibtinlin board meeting & holiday party, but most of our local friends will be in NYC for New Year's Eve, so we're planning "Gaymas" sometime in mid-January like we did last year (*much* easier to deal with that way). Now we need to find a sitter for the kids.

Speaking of, Posh and Prince continue to be cute and fuzzy, and ever-hungry noodges as well. It's definitely different having two cats versus just one, but it's worth it when they deign us worth enough to sleep on top of. They're finishing off their medication for the kennel cough they got, but now we're fighting ear mites. Whee.

Quincy's been going out a lot in DC over the weekends, but has been nice enough to leave me home. They did go to an event at Remington's, the c/w bar, and now they all want to learn how to two-step, so I guess I'll be dustin' off my boots sometime soon to show them how. Yee haw. :)

Work is work. I love the students, but some of them are just too stupid to live. How did they get into college? It's sad at times. Otherwise, though, I do love the work, and the office, so it's all good. (I am, however, looking forward to that week and a half off soon.) Oh, and my umpteenth review was as expected - satisfactory, not outstanding, and somewhat snarky despite the distance. No worries - it's done, and doesn't affect me one whit.

I think I'll make cookies this weekend. We have our office holiday party on Monday (the students leave Friday), so it'll be fun.

The weather's been nuts. This time last week the whole place was covered in snow, and today it's going up to the 80's. Weird.

Oh, we found out a couple of weeks ago that a friend of ours is HIV+. Kind of a downer, but I know he'll come through it shining, not only because he's a lot stronger person than he thinks he is, but his best friend is a great role model in that respect.

That's it. Get back to work. :P
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