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The wild, wild weekend!

Oops, need to backtrack a little - forgot a few things.

Last Tuesday Q went out and bought me "Stitch: The Movie" in part for spending time with him during his depressive episode Monday night. What a sweet boy! We haven't watched it yet, though.

Last Wednesday was game night, and Daniel and Ben came over and we played Carcasonne (Daniel won). It was during and after the game we had the discussion that lead to my Wednesday night rant. (For the curious, Ming and Ben told Daniel that Q was being rude for declining Daniel's invitation to his party because they thought Q actually told him it was because it was a courtesy invite on my behalf, when the reality was it was me who brought it up with Daniel, not Q. If anything [and Daniel acknowledges such] Q was trying to be nice and do the right thing by not ruining Daniel's party, but it was me who had the discussion with Daniel about it, not Q. Needless to say, it pissed me off, especially considering that's the second time Ming has passed judgment on someone I care about without ever having met them, the first time being Yudi. But whatever - water under the bridge now.)

But now, on to this past weekend!

Friday - Quincy went to a Chargers game with a friend who evidently has a crush on him (as evidenced by the expensive football jersey he bought Q, which looks an awful lot like this one) and his two sons (both adopted Filipino, and one being rather flirty with Q - guess it runs in the family!), so I took the opportunity to spend some much-needed time with Daniel. I ducked out of work a little early, went home and changed, picked up Daniel, and headed to the tattoo parlor to get his new tat re-inked. Unfortunately, it hadn't healed enough, so he has to go back this week. We decided to hit Celadon Thai for dinner, but on the way stopped into Rooster Gear, and sure enough there was Howie working there. They were having some underwear model fashion show party thing, but after wandering around and determining that there wasn't a stitch in the shop either of us could wear, we just went to dinner. (Interesting trivia - anyone recognize the guy on the left in this picture? He was the black guy kicked off the first episode of "Boy Meets Boy". I didn't watch the show - thought it was cruel and painful for the bachelor doing the choosing, James - but I saw the first episode and noticed a few San Diegans among the bachelors, so interesting we should see one.) Very nice restaurant (and cute waiters!), and very nice dinner - we caught up quite a bit, talked about plans for the party, hashed out a couple of issues, yadda yadda yadda. Afterwards we wandered around Hillcrest, stopped in a couple of stores, and Daniel bought the 2004 Asian boy calendar at Rainbow Road. Afterwards Ben called Daniel to go out, and I had lots to do at home, so we went back to Daniel's to meet Ben, who showed up with Ming (ugh). I chatted for a few, then took off. Quincy came over after the game and spent the night.

Saturday - We got up, had breakfast, and headed over to Best Buy to get Daniel's birthday gifts. I got him Clue and Blazing Saddles, two movies we quote at each other often. I also finally picked up the Starcraft Battle Chest because I've been woefully desiring the Brood War expansion. Quincy got him a $50 (!) gift certificate, which I thought was very generous. Afterwards we went to coffee with LYC (during which Myke called asking for suggestions - seems they were at Best Buy, too), then headed over to Daniel's with Yudi for the big birthday bash.

I figured the night would go fairly smoothly, since Daniel was already drunk when we walked in the door. He even gave Yudi and Quincy a big hug, so you know he was feeling good. Besides Myke, John and Tom, there was Ben, Ming, TC, his boyfriend Mike (news to me!), two girl friends of Ben's (very sweet, but I forget their names) and Robbie. (Daniel was oh so upset Howard couldn't make it - what a shame... NOT!) We all carpooled down to the Gaslamp to eat at Buca di Beppo for a large, family-style Italian dinner for 14. There were Power Puff Girl party hats and stickers, and Daniel got his very own golden tiara and light-up princess wand. (Oh, the horror!) We ate, sang "Happy Birthday," I was almost forced to eat calamari (yech), I was threatened with cake being flung at me, and much revelry ensued. Ming was being a controlling prick about the camera, and in a bit of a drunken stupor Daniel made some comments about David, Yudi's new boyfriend, having a stick up his ass, based on what I'd told him about David not liking me (which, of course, Yudi didn't appreciate).

Afterwards we went back to Daniel's for him to open his gifts. Folks were very generous - several gift cards, lots of DVD's, and Myke and John particularly spent a lot of money on him. Unfortunately, in his inebriated state, he wasn't exactly a gracious recipient, and I was kind of miffed at how he was so casual about his gifts. Part of it was just that he was being rude (although since he was drunk, no one took it too personally, even if they were a little disappointed in his reaction), but also a big part of it is how much I've always wanted a party like that.

Yes, I've had birthday parties before. I even threw my own 21st birthday party when I was in college - I remember a bunch of us heading down to Pizzeria Uno's just off South Street in Philly. I also remember that not a lot of people came (even though I invited quite a few), and I remember I didn't get but a few small gifts. I remember being disappointed. I also remember making a resolve never to expect gifts again, and to make the best of whatever party I got from then on. Even after I threw a few parties for other friends of mine and never got one in return, I was ok with that (especially considering that, in most cases, I'm the one that always does the planning, so of course it's left to me to plan my own birthday parties). I did find out a few months after my 30th birthday that my sister, mom and Natalie had preliminarily talked about having a surprise party for me, but it never happened for whatever reasons. And I fully admit I'm HORRIBLE at remembering other people's birthdays, even my nieces' and nephews', so I can never get mad at anyone not getting me anything for mine. (I try to make up for it at Christmas, but the flaw in that plan is that trying to get everyone nice gifts all at once isn't something I can afford to do.) So I'm stuck with inviting as many friends as can make it to go out with me somewhere, and I always insist they not get me gifts (and, really, it is their company I want, not gifts - that's way more important). Even for my 33rd birthday when I went to Club 33, I'm the one that called Stanton and asked him to make the reservations through his connections, and it was only 6 of us that could make it (although they all got me nice gifts!). I guess seeing 14 people around a table (more than I can ever remember having at a birthday party of mine), and seeing how many great gifts he got, it just burned me that anyone could be callous about it, even in a small way. It reminded me of when I went to Aswin's 30th party when I first moved to San Diego - house full of people, lots of booze and food and friends and everyone having a great time, and he tore into his large pile of gifts like a spoiled two-year-old on Christmas morning. "Oh, I have that - NEXT!" "Yeah, that's ok - NEXT!" No thank-yous, no acknowledgements of who gave him what, and very snotty about what he did and didn't like. It disgusted me. (Not comparing Daniel to Aswin by any means, just relating the story.)

Now, of course, I say this, and the big 3-5 is almost exactly a month away. Let me put this in bold for all my friends to see - I am not trolling for a birthday party or gifts. A nice dinner out with a few close friends would be just fine, because that's what's important to me. Yes, I know I organized Yudi's party this year, and yes, I realize Quincy's probably going to plan something for me, and whatever you do would be exceptional just showing you care. You do not need to go to any great lengths. It's just that being a part of Daniel's party made me think about all of this and I wanted to write it down.

Anyway, back to the party. :) While we were heading back to the car from the restaurant, Q's cousin (and ate) James called and was having a serious relationship crisis, so Q needed to go be with him. James came and picked him up, and even though a couple of people left, the rest of us headed out to Numbers to keep the the birthday boy properly inebriated.

Daniel didn't stop grooving from the second he walked in the club until we left. The rest of us were hopping on and off, watching him dance (which is something we don't often see). So there's me, Daniel, Yudi, Robbie and TC on the dance floor. TC's fooling around, pushing together Robbie and me, then him and Robbie, then him, Robbie and Yudi, then me and Daniel, and then Daniel and Yudi...

And then it happened.

You know, I saw it coming. Even through the haze of the fog machine and the swirling lights, I saw some look come across both Daniel and Yudi. I saw them getting closer. It was like watching a car accident in slow motion. I started to lean forward in that movie slo-mo, "Noooooooooooo!" But it was too late.

Daniel kissed Yudi.

And no peck on the cheek, no sir - there was serious tongue action involved.


All of us were stunned, particularly those of us who know of Daniel's general aloofness regarding Yudi. It was... stunning.

So needless to say it was even more shocking to find out that later, after Yudi had taken his shirt off, he went and kissed Daniel AGAIN!

(Later, when I asked Yudi why, he said, "I'm attracted to the idea of being attracted to Daniel," whatever that means. Daniel just said, "I don't know!" He had a panicked look in his eyes. Best not to pursue until he figures it out - the lad could snap.)

Otherwise it was another dull night for me at the clubs. I danced a bit, then got off the floor for the rest of the night. Ran into James, chatted a bit about hotel stuff and how Daniel's doing. We finally drug Daniel off the floor around 1:00, stopped by F Street on the way home looking for Asian porn (alas, none to be had), and dumped Daniel off at his place (but not before he offered Yudi a place to stay for the night, and/or to stay at his place, since it was his first night in his new house - shocking again!).

Needless to say, it was a memorable evening. But all in all, everyone had a blast, especially Daniel, and that's what it was all about.

Sunday - Q came over in the morning and woke me up. Turns out James and his boyfriend, Timmy, had broken up, and James was taking it hard, but Quincy was helping him get through it by going with him to get a tattoo (which evidently really helped, and the design, which Q drew, is really cool - two circling phoenixes). I putzed around a bit, did more laundry, and eventually we all met up at the Zoo (me, Q, James, Greg, Hoai, Pat & Johnny). I renewed my membership, Greg took off as soon as we got in after getting James in, we watched the sea lion show, James took off, we walked around a bit (Pat is a great tour guide, even if he was looking at the landscaping more than the animals), the aviaries are all open again (I love the hummingbird house the best), and then we got in line for the "Nighttime At The Zoo" show (this was the last weekend). For some reason everyone was on a roll making fun of me (Pat is a master of the art), but after a bit it started to get to me, so I asked Q if he could stop for a while, which he did. Afterwards we met up with Yudi at the Living Room for coffee (he was a little irked that I told them about him kissing Daniel, but you can't keep something like that quiet forever, especially considering there were lots of witnesses - he better tell David soon!), and we ended up back at Q's.

Monday - Q was kind enough to let me sleep in, and we headed to Starbucks and Einstein Bagels for breakfast (although we were both certain there was a Donut Haven close by, but neither of us could find it, and I looked online and can't find any donut places near where we thought we saw it). We then headed out to the 5:00 showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in La Jolla - great flick! Johnny Depp truly owned Jack Sparrow, and the storyline was rich and fun. Yay pirates! (Can't wait to see "Haunted Mansion" next!) Afterwards we went to Yudi's new place - very neat! A little out of the way for my taste (way out in City Heights, not far from SDSU), but the place is cool, and the backyard is basically just a terraced canyon, which the previous owner really did up nice with plants and walkways. I'm looking forward to having the October LYC pot luck there. Afterwards we met up with James and we took Yudi and David out to Pizza Nova for a celebratory dinner.

Yesterday - Back to work, had my annual eye exam after work (seems my right eye has actually improved), did more laundry (only 7,432 loads left to do from Pennsic - ugh!), installed Starcraft on my laptop (gotta start playing the expansion soon), talked to Q and went to bed.

Today - AMB is out in LA, so the office is quiet (although I do have work to do). Tonight is gaming, although with Daniel missing out we may not be playing much. This weekend is Coppercon in Phoenix, which I will probably go to and Q might join me for a nice (working) weekend away.

Random stuff:

* Need to touch base with Sandra about how Worldcon went, and if John D. actually produced PR#1 as promised (and if not, I might need to fire him).

* Talked to Lynda today and Dad is still in ICU, but nothing's really wrong with him - I think they're just keeping him there because they don't need the bed for anyone else right now. He's not as loopy as he was, but Mom's still hovering. Susan actually went today, thankfully without the kids.

* Mom called the other day and said Bart was "walking funny," and that the vet had given her a shot to give him if he did. Probably has to do with his diabetes. I'll have to follow up with her soon on this.

* I need to get home, even if just for a short weekend. Prices are in the $350 range, so I'm hoping a sale comes up soon.

* I've been jonesing for Disneyland, and need to renew my passport. Q and Yudi want to go, and even John has expressed interest. Perhaps around my birthday?

* Conjecture's coming up in just a few weeks. I have more stuff to do with the hotel, like those damn BEO's. Ugh.

* Almost finished the massive Pennsic update. Stay tuned!

Life continues apace.

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