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More LJ drama

Huh. Been reading this whole "post content flagging system" fiasco (can't wait for the CEO of 6 Apart to write the lengthy explanation/apology/non-retraction in a couple of days), but when I look at my LJ entries, I don't see the "flag this post" icon anywhere (I see it on other LJs, but not mine). Maybe some of the layouts don't have it? Or am I just missing it?

I think it's going to be a huge mistake for two reasons - one, abuse by fundies and other trolls, and two, the "management review queue" is only going to set up 6 Apart for more headaches as people fight their decisions and/or they make a mistake and someone calls them on it (and threatens lawsuit, of course).

Wow. It's just bad policy all 'round. Why can't they understand the best thing to do is to cover their asses but NOT volunteering to police, or help police, user content? And, perhaps, allow users who are legally able to read the TOS to do so (where all this is covered already anyway), and those who are not legally of age be monitored by their fucking parents, perhaps? Jeez.
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