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Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted undecideds, allow me to introduce to you...

Posh & Prince
(plus some other guy who is wondering what the hell he's gotten himself into)

I loved everyone's suggestions (I think wyckedkittie's suggestion of Mischief and Mayhem were my favs), but Q really wanted to name them Posh and Becks, which made my skin crawl, so we decided he'd name one and I named the other. Posh it was, so Prince seemed to fit. We've already unloaded way too much money into them, including a castle-shaped kitty house, so I suppose the names are most fitting. :)

The collars are because of the neuter/spade, so they'll have them for a few days (Prince has accepted his lot in life and is learning sneaky ways of working around it, while Posh keeps backing up and looking at me indignantly). After that, it's free whee time, of course. Plus, it's off to Mom's tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so I'm sure my nieces and nephews (except the oldest who is allergic) will be thrilled.

Commence with the squee!
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