Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Kittens ho!

drewan pointed to this entry about a newly adopted kitten by drood that, shall we say, gave me paws:

God, I’d completely forgotten how tiring kittens can be. It’s all bounce bounce bounce attack invisible dust on the floor claw her way up the drapes to the top drop down to the chair below run like crazy chase her tail bounce bounce pounce on the cat toy zip from the living room to the den and back again and hunker down and waggle her behind threateningly at Chloe before ending up back on the sofa.
Yep. It's been a loooooong time since I brought Bart home as a little kitten, but, although it made me laugh, it reminded me how much these two are gonna tear the place up.

Of course, we also just finished watching a little DVD the shelter provided about caring for cats, and the many cats they used made me remember how rewarding having a cat can be. SO KYOOT. Can't wait. :)

I'm going to call the shelter tomorrow to find out when they're headed to the vet's so we know when we're picking them up. I have a long shopping list of things I need to pick up, plus a few leftover items still at Mom's I'll get next weekend (and yes, they're going with us on the trip, which should be a hoot).

P.S. Need a cat icon.

P.P.S. Still taking name suggestions.
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