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Friends don't let friends self-medicate

Did you ever just want to KILL SOMEONE for doing something stupid - like, oh, I don't know, GO OFF THEIR MEDS. Sorry, pal, but "I want to find out who the real me is" is the ABSOLUTE WORST REASON EVER to self-diagnose and self-medicate. These meds aren't working? Fine - find new ones. There's a ton out there. Still want off of 'em? At the very least, how about consulting your freakin' doctor you moron? Yes, we know you don't feel like you used to, but guess what? That also means you're not a fucking LUNATIC anymore!


Some people deserve to be taken out of the gene pool for these stupid reasons alone.
Tags: friends, omg, razzin' frazzin, righteous rage, stoopid, wtf?

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