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A question about Word mail merges

For my Microsoft-proficient friends, I have a question.

I'm doing a mail merge in Word from an Excel source. In the spreadsheet there are sometimes more than one row associated with the same person (multiple rows are always after each other in the spreadsheet). I want to be able to merge all the relevant rows of data for each person into one page of the merged Word document, whether it be one row or four.

The person I replaced in this position seems to have figured it out for the same merge last year, but for the life of me I can't figure out how he did it. I'm thinking there's a {nextif} statement I need to use somewhere, but I'm not sure. Usually in the data I've worked with in the past all the data for each entry was all in the same row, but that's just not how I had the information presented to me. Plus, it's obvious it can be done, but how?

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