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Yesterday, Today & Beyond...

Yesterday was good - got some stuff done at work, hashed things out with Daniel and Yudi, and Yudi called and said the financing had finally gone through and the house is his. Yay!

After work I went and got my hair cut (so all of you who have been bitching about my blond hair can rest easy that half of it's gone now), went to Quincy's, had a little drive looking for someplace to eat (I updated him on my frustrations from Wednesday night, and told him that Yudi's new boyfriend, David, doesn't appreciate my boisterousness), ended up at Marie Callender's (yummy turkey!), went back to his place and watched Margaret Cho's "I'm The One That I Want." It was a very pleasant evening with my honey. :)

Today Dad's in surgery (need to call Mom for an update), hopefully I can get out early for the weekend, need to go get more contact lenses, and then I'm going with Daniel to get his tattoo re-inked, then grab some dinner, then I think Q's spending the night at my place.

Tomorrow we go shopping, then coffee, then Daniel's birthday party. Sunday we're doing Nightime at the Zoo. No clue what's going on Monday. Tom's coming down for the weekend, and I still have a ton of laundry to do, plus I'd like to finish my Pennsic LJ entry and maybe clean up around the house a little (and start working on my new shelves).

Side note - AMB's husband, the bodybuilder, had more surgery recently. I gotta get the scoop from her.

That's it.

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