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"Oh, Rochester..."

Had a lovely Jack Benny birthday dinner last night at Famous Dave's in Waldorf with Q, Derek, and minotaurs who was in Baltimore visiting his family. I miss him, and my other good San Diego friends, a LOT. And just to prove what a raging, slashy bastard he really is, as a present he bought me a membership to Con.txt, a slash con in DC next June. ::shakes tiny fist:: Q got me the new Reba duets CD and Annie Lennox's new CD, which I didn't even know was out. Kyan skipped out on dinner, so he owes me now (being his BFF and all). Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! :D

Today at work I realized I'm going to need to learn the lovely dance of pleasing two disparate bosses, but I think I'm going to get the hang of it. Tonight we went food shopping, and then I watched "Last of the Time Lords," which was quite amazing (as most of this season has been).
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