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More on the UF tasering incident

Ah, here's something interesting: The UF student tasing incident again, but this time, it includes footage from before the police approached him, showing what an asshole he was being. He was obviously agitated and trying to evoke a response from Kerry and the audience. If I were a police officer, I'd have been pretty nervous about this guy, too, as he comes off as a total wacko.

He's allowed to ask a question, but instead he starts rambling about the 2004 elections and other stuff. An officer approaches him and asks him to finish up, he says no, but they still allow him to continue. He continues to ramble, and finally when he talks about Clinton getting a blowjob, they cut his mic off. At that point the officers approach him to escort him out, and he starts flipping out.

THAT is why the stupid little snot got tasered. He was acting like an asshole in a room that contained a United States senator. A-DOI.

Sorry. I'm not usually like this, but for some reason everyone's shouting down the police about this is getting under my skin.
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