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No sympathy

You know, I just watched the video of the UF student getting tasered for disrupting a presentation by John Kerry. He took too much time at the mic, was asked to leave, didn't, a uniformed police officer asked him to leave, he resisted, another came to assist physically escorting him from the hall, he continued to resist, 2 more officers came in, he continued to resist, they warned him he would be tased, he continued to resist, he got tased, and guess what? He finally stopped resisting.

Sorry, but I have no sympathy. When a uniformed police officer makes a request of you, YOU DO IT. When the fuck are people going to learn this? Who cares if you're guilty or not? One way or another, a uniformed police officer (who may very well be ARMED) will get you to do what he asks you. If your civil liberties are at stake, then you'll get your say in court - AFTERWARDS. In the here and now, you're an idiot to resist, especially when it started out calm and orderly - it wasn't until HE started throwing a tantrum that more officers were forced to get involved.

Who knew if he had a gun? Was on drugs? Was dangerous? Police don't know that - they're going to react to the situation at hand, and they know first hand how quickly things can get out of control. And if he was dangerous and managed to hurt someone, the same people screaming "Injustice!" would be wondering why the police presence didn't do something to stop him.

Look, I'm all for civil liberties. I support the ACLU. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. But that kid deserved it, and - lucky him - he'll be alive afterwards to sue the pants off the college. In a different situation, if he'd done what he did there, he could have gotten himself killed.

Here's a link to a video. You'll note that it starts when he's asked to leave, but news reports are saying he was asked to stop beforehand because he was being an annoying git. There are other videoes of him afterwards, too, much more calm but still standing there wondering, "What did I do?" Idiot.


Edited 9/20 to add: I've been looking over the UF website, and they posted the actual police report. What the videoes don't show you is that the Q&A session was over, and he was farther back in line, so what does he do? He runs up to the mic and demands to be heard, and officers tell him no, but guess what? Kerry agreed to take a question, but instead of asking one, he starts rambling, including asking about Clinton's blowjob, so they cut off his mic. That's about where the video starts. Yeah, he's a real martyr to the cause, that one...


Sep. 20th, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
His behavior in that video, even without any context or backstory, just SCREAMS "douche who wants to make as big a scene as he can so he can get on the news".

And all the gullible people are right behind him going "ZOMG FASCISTS I FUCKING HATE AMERICA POLICE BRUTALITY FIRST AMENDMENT BLAH BLAH BLAH" without stopping to notice that, say ... not a single one of the people in the audience so much as stood up? That they cheered when the police stepped forward? Compare this to the video from when that guy was tasered in the UCLA library. Every single student in the room was on their feet, pushing forward, asking for badge numbers and begging them not to taser him.

There are a lot of freedoms being stepped on in this country as it is, without assholes like this pretending to be freedom fighters. It's the whiny asshole equivalent of lying about being raped.
Sep. 20th, 2007 12:58 pm (UTC)
I actually look at the UCLA library guy the same way. He didn't have his ID, which was clearly stated as a requirement for being in the library at that time. When he was asked to produce it or leave, he refused. Who knows who this guy is? Like the UF guy, he could have been dangerous, and the stuff that cops do isn't to be mean to them, it's to protect everyone else. Again, if either one of them had ended up hurting someone, how many people would have been pissed at the cops for not doing anything about it or enforcing the rules that everyone's supposed to follow?

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