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Talked to Mom yesterday. Things were looking good for a minute there. :(

Here's the timeline:

* A couple of weeks ago Dad had a lower GI which involved barium.

* They wanted to do an upper GI, but (a) there was still barium left in him from the lower GI, and (b) he couldn't keep anything down (he'd have to drink it for the upper GI)

* They felt there might be a blockage in the upper intestines, so they decided that since they couldn't do the test, they were going to do exploratory surgery on Wednesday (as in yesterday).

* On Monday (as in three days ago) they said they were going to use a scope to do the upper GI, but they were still going to do the surgery on Wednesday. They also talked about taking out part of his lower intestines, as the radiation he got last year has affected them. (They told us this before, that either (a) part of his intestines had gone "smooth" so they couldn't push food through properly, causing a blockage, and/or (b) it was causing his intestines to stick together, causing a blockage.)

* So Tuesday (as in two days ago), for whatever reason, they give him the barium to drink, and lo and behold it stays down! So they ditch the scope and just do the upper GI series, and find there's no blockage.

* Then, good news - Wednesday (yesterday) he eats lunch (all liquid) and it stays down! Perhaps the past six weeks "relaxing" in the hospital has given his bowels enough time to rest up and heal from the last round of surgery (when they removed a 4-inch "twist" in his lower intestines, which they thought was the blockage that was causing all this in the first place).

* They did say, however, that they were reserving the OR for Friday morning, just in case.

* Talked to Mom today, and it turns out he couldn't keep dinner down; therefore, they are going ahead with the surgery tomorrow. Since they couldn't see a blockage on any of the scans, the only solution they can think of is to remove any of his intestines that they think were affected by the radiation, which could be up to 40% (fortunately, they will NOT be giving him a colostomy).

My father has been in the hospital for about two months, less a week and a half he was able to go home. He hasn't been able to keep food down regularly since January, possibly earlier. His nerves are shot.

Add to that my poor mother having to take care of him, and not having me around like she did four years ago, and she's already had a couple of breakdowns here and there. My good sister does what she can, but with four kids, it's not easy. My evil sister, of course, is fucking useless - I think she's been down to see him once.

And then there's Grandmom with my cousin moved out, so she's pestering my mother every day when she's got two other sons who are perfectly capable of running her errands. Thank goodness Mom has taken to telling her she's busy and needs to call them instead.

Oy. Gotta go check fares home now...

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