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Blast from the past

After almost 8 years I finally made it back to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware this weekend. We had a house there from I think 1984 or so until right after I moved to San Diego in 2000. My dad had a boat in the 90's that he docked at Lewes, but once I left the place didn't get used as much, and Dad got sick and eventually they figured that the boat and the house were too much upkeep, so Mom sold it I think in 2001 or 2002.

So Mom decided we should all get together for a family weekend there for old time's sake. She got a 3-bedroom condo a half a block from the beach for a few days, so her plus my sisters and their kids went down on Wednesday, and Q and I drove over Friday night.

All in all it was a good weekend. I spent most of the time pointing things out and saying they either hadn't changed one bit (including our old house), or that they were completely new. (Q got bored of this quickly, but I didn't care.) It rained Friday night into Saturday, but then the rest of the weekend cleared up and it was sunny but breezy. (Funny how it doesn't take long to start complaining about cooler weather when we just survived a summer of outrageous heat and humidity.) We never did hit the beach, but we ate well, did some shopping, and saw the sights.

Mom, however, swore she'd never do it again. My Evil Sister's kids were driving her nuts, and my Good Sister's kids, being kids, didn't do much to help. Plus my Evil Sister is dealing with her Evil Husband and their impending divorce, so she spent Saturday night at a bar, unfortunately asking Q to go with her because he's the only other one in the family that really drinks (he didn't mind, although we had intended to go out clubbing - who knew it was Rehoboth Pride that day?).

Regardless, it was nice to spend time with the kids and with Mom. We'll probably get up to see her in Philly in a few weeks since I know she has things she needs done around the house (we haven't been up since July 4th).

On the way home we stopped at Famous Dave's and ended up running into Tyr, a friend of mine from Pennsic, on his way back from the MD Ren Faire. It runs through August, and others are prodding us to go hand out, so we may do it closing weekend for laughs.

Plus, the first week at the new job rocked. :)
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