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Fat chicks pt. II

One of those who found pictures of "fat chicks" funny said he didn't mean to offend anyone, but still found them funny. When asked to explain how, he brought up the ever popular, "If you laugh at Lisa Lampanelli, Howard Stern or anyone else vaguely offensive, you're being a hypocrite." After all, maybe those "fat chicks" really *want* to be laughed at, right?


But then, I'm evidently making a mountain out of a molehill, and ought to re-examine why I think I'm better than everyone else.


Look, as I said in my previous post, I have waaaay too many wonderful and fabulously large friends who have taught me - not by what they've said, but by how they live their lives - that pointing and laughing without just cause is just stupidly asinine. Am I perfect? Of course not. But I've at least learned that "Ooo look at that really big fat person isn't that funny har har har!" is so amazingly juvenile it's painful to see.

Required disclaimer: I will not identify either of the two people on my friends list who did this, but it's still my blog to post as I wish, so I'm going to publicly, and they'll see it. I hope I don't get defriended over it, but so be it, and I hope they both know that even if I don't respect this particular brand of humor, I still like them both very much as people, as I hope they also like me for my own faults.
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