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Things are looking up, thankfully...

Well, my chew toy stepped in quite valiantly and saved me from having my entire weekend ruined by this unfortunate set of circumstances - he called several times last night to check on me, today I took the day off and ran errands and tonight we went Christmas shopping together with my li'l sis, and it was quite fun. Tomorrow we may go see "Star Trek: Nemesis," or just hit coffee and dinner with my Asian club, and Sunday we have a Christmas party to go to. And then Monday we're going to wrap presents, and next weekend do other fun things before I leave for home. He scored major points by being there for me, and he's also made me realize that I've got a good thing going with him - I like him, he's obviously very good to me, and we always have fun together. Methinks he may be upgraded to something more than temporary soon, but we'll see what happens.

And I bought a neat candle today. Go me!

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