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A busy week so far

Much to my delight (and fear), the art pimping biz is actually moving forward. I talked to one of my artists last night and he is way jazzed about me working with him, and I've been talking in e-mail with two other artists who are equally excited. Yowza! I'm getting my feet wet with Conjecture (seems appropriate it should be my first show as an agent), and then it's on to Gaylaxicon, Philcon, Loscon, and so on (hee!). Now I need to wrap up little, unimportant things like a comprehensive convention database, a website, back-end billing and biz stuff, and, oh, yeah, a name. (The curse of being a Libra - I just can't make up my mind!)

In other news, I am a dolt and we had house problems last night. We got through it, but let's just say I had to pay a price. ;) We avoided responsibility and reality by eating out at Bob Evans and going shopping at BJ's, but I need to square things away before I head off to Pennsic.

Speaking of, I'm excited, and I leave on Saturday. A few notables aren't attending as they'd hoped (and they will all certainly be missed, especially my dear, dear Uncle Rashid), but we have a few returning foundlings and of course some new faces, so I anticipate another banner War (and in 18 years I haven't had a bad one yet). Derek is also coming for the middle weekend, so it's always fun to have a new friend attend and see things through their eyes, plus I'll be helping Gabbo with his new merchant tent (he sells yurts, pavilions and bamboo goods, and he's making me my new pavilion this year, which I'm VERY happy about).

Meanwhile I'm at work, and now that I've reviewed some important stuff with my boss, she's a lot less stressed about both of us leaving (she'll be gone on maternity leave by the time I return). It'll be a challenge for us, but I'm pleased that she went to such great lengths to make things easy for us while she's gone (and hopefully make things easy for her when she returns as well).

Um, that's it. Monday night we had Chinese with Kyan for no particular reason, and last night Rick & Steve was teh funnee again. Tonight Q's working so I've got stuff to do around the house, and I'll probably spend Thursday and Friday night packing and getting ready to go. Whee!
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