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Lazy weekend

Friday night our lesbian friends Ro and her roommate came over and we ordered pizza and watched Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho and Rick & Steve.

Saturday Q had to work, and I piddled around the house, watched TV, ate at the new Chipotle, and then our friend Kyan came over and we watched the Reno 911 movie and Dead Silence, and giggled over him yelping like someone stepped on a puppy (he's afraid of dolls and puppets, evidently).

Sunday Q did a lot of work around the house, we had dinner at Cici's for Matthew's birthday, then he and Michael came over and we played Betrayal At House on the Hill, which the traitor (Michael) lost.

So, yeah. Good times.

I'm going to try to assign Monday nights to be my "household stuff" night, including paying bills and doing whatever stuff needs to be done. This will go along nicely with Thursday night being housecleaning night... if I can maintain the willpower. One of these days I have to assign one night to be my art pimping night, but we'll see. Blah. I am teh layzee. :(
Tags: birthdays, day to day, food, friends, house, money, movies, q, queer stuff, tv

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