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Back at work

Back at work this morning after calling out sick yesterday. Bleh.

Had a nice weekend. Friday we headed up to Mom's, stopping for fireworks along the way. Saturday we helped her do some stuff around the house, then went out to Target to do some shopping, and stopped at Friendly's for dinner. That night we went over to suba_al_hadid's party, and got to hang out with defenestr8or, hughcasey, Carl, Kim, and a bunch of other folk.

We didn't stay late, though, because Sunday was Mom's picnic with all the kids and friends of the family, which was a lot of fun (and a lot of food). We couldn't stay until dark, but we did a few small fireworks before leaving. Right before we left I had this weird thing where my vision was all funky, but we chalked it up to the heat, and I was ok to drive home.

Yesterday, though, I woke up and felt sick, so I stayed home and slept until 3. Q's been coughing a lot lately, too, but he thinks it's dust in the house. I was going to try to get some stuff done, but I still felt kind of bleh, so I ended up catching up on LJ and not doing much else.

This week should be fairly easy breezy. Tonight we're going out to dinner with Jamie and Ro before the leave for California, and this weekend I'm probably going to have to take my truck in to check the rear axle, as it's been driving kind of wobbly lately.

Oh, and less than 3 weeks to Pennsic. GAH! :)
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