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The 4th, in review

Our 4th was suitably suitable. Tuesday night Derek came over to camp out for the weekend (he has Thursday and Friday off this week), we did Arby's for dinner, and watched some TV. Nothing special. Edited to add: Duh, we went to see Transformers, which rocked my socks. T'was a lot of fun, and would love to get it on DVD, just to hear Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime saying, "Sorry, my bad." :D Oh, I did get a call from paranoyd and caught up on life and other interesting current events. :)

Yesterday I slept in, then we met up with Ro and Jamie for Q's birthday dinner at Cheeseburger In Paradise, then Kyan met up with us and we went on base to watch the Solomons Islands fireworks from across the bay (pretty lame, actually, but we weren't in a crowded spot so it was nice enough), followed by watching "Kathy Griffin: Allegedly" and some Eddie Izzard. I also endured an entire day of being picked on because it was Q's birthday so he figured he deserved it (he was wrong, of course, but try and tell him that). I wrapped up the day creating a new scrapper on Virtue since I keep hearing it's a good place for social interaction and SGs and such. I also finally used a half cape I'd gotten as a Veteran's reward but hadn't used on any of my heroes yet.

So it's back at work today. I'm going to stop tonight to get some fireworks, then it's off to Mom's for the weekend on Friday for a picnic. Whee!
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