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New community!

OK, so I was poking around looking for a feed to add to my friends list, and while figuring out how to create one from scratch, I noticed that the user name "fanfiction" was deleted and purged (possibly from Strikethrough 2007?). Anywho, figuring I wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands, I purchased a rename token and got it, so fanfiction now exists.

So what the heck do I do with it now? :D (Help me, minotaurs, you're my only hope!)

P.S. I also created conjecture_sd the other day in hopes of helping the folks running Conjecture in some small way. I know there was a community set up for 2005, and "conjecture" was already taken as a user name, so maybe this could be utilized somehow for ongoing purposes? Just a thought. :)
Tags: conjecture, conventions, fandom, lj, san diego, slash

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