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A mostly boring weekend

Not much to report from the weekend.

Friday night we watched TV (we always end up watching cartoons for some reason) and ate lots of fried food.

Saturday Q worked a late shift, I worked on organizing the garage, and then I got abandoned by Kyan and Derek at a going away party full of drunk straight people (I mean, if you don't want to go to a party, why go and then leave after 5 minutes?). The evening was capped off with Matthew throwing up on the side of the road. Good times. Was hoping to get in some CoH time, but someone was making it difficult, so I just went to bed.

Sunday we got a bunch more stuff done around the house, including new blinds, curtains, and shelves, plus getting the new entertainment unit together.

That's it. A co-worker pointed out to me that this week will be Monday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which isn't such a bad way of looking at it. We're heading up to Mom's for the weekend, so I have to stop off and get fireworks at some point.
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