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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday...

Friday I left work close to on time, headed home, packed a bag. Got a call from Rob about the Worldcon suite and cleared up all the details, and it looks like we'll be able to host the suite (Sandra is taking point).

Of course I was late getting to Quincy's for dinner, but we went to Pizzeria Uno's in Fashion Valley, and then met the gang (Howie, Pat, Johnny, Hoai, Scott, Huy, Thang, Larry, Mike, and probably one or two others I'm forgetting) at Rich's for Howie's last big night out before moving back to L.A. (pity he picked the busiest weeks of the year for me to move down here - I never really spent any time with him). Also ran into my mentor James with Lawrence, which was a little weird. Yudi was down about the house, so I think him and David went out to dinner but didn't come out dancing. Afterwards I stayed over Q's. :)

Saturday we got up bright and early (OK, 10:00) and had breakfast at IHOP. While we were waiting for a table I called my sister, and it turns out they're doing exploratory surgery on my dad. Since they haven't been able to do the upper GI series because he's still got barium in him from the previous test (I think it was either a lower GI or a proctological exam, I'm not sure), and because it's taking so long, they're now back to thinking there's a blockage there, so since they can't do they test, they're going to open him up. Ugh. Lynda said Mom sat there all day crying in the hospital on Thursday (but of course she sounded fine when she left me a voicemail later in the day), and Dad's nerves are so shot they've taken to giving him sedatives.

Afterwards we spent a few hours shopping at Ikea, which evidently Q loves and has done often. I bought some candles, candle holders, a bathroom scrub brush and a CD rack. I also found out that the original shelving system I wanted for my bedroom, the Niklas shelves, are discontinued! :( After much thinking, hemming, hawing, measuring and debating, I finally decided to get some Ivar shelves and build a headboard for my bed. I figure I'll stain it to get the darker colored wood I want, put it together, and then see how I like it - if I do, I can keep building, but if I don't, it's still a good set of shelves I can use elsewhere.

Sadly, my plan to hit North County Fair (or even Mission or Fashion Valley) didn't happen, and as it is by the time we finished, stopped at the grocery store (and found Vanilla Pepsi, which I had at Pennsic and LOVED) and dropped the stuff off at my house, we didn't make coffee until 5:45 (oddly the exact time Yudi predicted I'd make it - :P ). Then we went to dinner at Thai Cafe, and went back home and watched "The Emperor's New Groove" and went to sleep. Oh, and Holly was down for the weekend and showed off her new sewing machine and Japanese patterns, so I got to show off my new kimonos I bought at Pennsic.

Sunday was the hell day. Got up, had breakfast, dropped Q off, and went to the Conjecture meeting. Everyone was late (except me!), the meeting was long (although productive, at least for me), and then some folks still needed a tour of the hotel, so I did that.

By the time I got out of there, I was able to go to the LYC pot luck for a whole 45 minutes. Bleh. I did see Q and got to meet his best friend Yeris, but then I had to bug out to get to the Gaylaxicon meeting.

Good meeting, most people were there, talked about Worldcon, Coppercon, Pride, future plans (like we have some major staff positions that still need to be filled). Afterwards I was going to head over to Q's, but Chris wanted the stuff he loaned to us for the Pride booth back, so we went to my place and got it (and he very kindly volunteered Mark to enter the names we got for the e-mail list to the Yahoo Group). Q was talking online to his friends back home, so we just called it a night and I went to sleep (but not before he almost told me what he wants to tell me... but I can wait, no rush. :D ).

Today is work, then I have to get some stuff to Sandra before she and Jim leave for Toronto, and then Q and I may hang out while I do laundry. Or something.

EDITED at 6:48 pm - forgot to mention we went to Urban Grind Friday before we went to Rich's, and Tony was also at Rich's (he was the person I couldn't remember), and for the life of me I can't remember when we went to the grocery store. I think it was after dinner Saturday we stopped by Q's for him to pick up a bag, then stopped at the Ralph's on Balboa Avenue, and then went back to our place. Yeah, that sounds right. :) I'm glad Quincy has his own journal so he can remind me of all the stuff I forget, including the fact that Saturday morning he already had my tea ready for me (although the milk had gone bad, which wasn't his fault). Wasn't that sweet? Making my tea for me. Such a good boi!

its_just_me found out that Pennsic this year was covered by NPR! Here's the link. I really need to start collecting pictures to do my photo essay of Pennsic, as every year people want to know what this "SCA thing" is all about, and it's so hard to describe sometimes. I tried to do one once, but it never took off. Maybe if I had a digital camera and strapped it to my wrist for the entirety of Pennsic I could finally accomplish it. I think more likely I need to just scour the internet for pictures and put one together that way. :)

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