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LJ woes, continued

So much going on with LJ:

Barak's follow-up to their follow-up to their fuck-up

Barak's announcement of the permanent account sale and a list of 6A's intentions

The official announcement of the permanent account sale and much rehashing of Strikethrough 2007.

Lots of people questioning LJ's timing of the incident and the sale, asking when these nebulous changes are going into effect (and what LJ means by "willing to host"), and a WHOLE lot of "I was going to go perm but now I'm rethinking" or just flat out "no frelling way." And an interesting new community has sprouted up: never_permanent.

So much fallout, but I empathize. I've had a perm account since the 2005 sale, and I don't regret it, and deep down I want to believe that LJ is still a worthwhile community, but there is a nagging part of me that not only feels very strongly for the fanfic communities affected by this nonsense, but I also wonder - will I be next? Yes, it's just a blog, but it's still very disturbing and uncomfortable for me.

Edited to add: hughcasey posted about the same group that got the accounts banned in the first place is now targetting LJ advertisers. Thinking of the children, or internet thugs? You decide!
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