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Does anyone else find it odd that in this age of The Terrorists Will Win that I see more 4th of July fireworks stands than I've ever seen in my life? When we moved to Maryland I saw these roadside tents and in-store displays for fireworks pop up in June and figured they were legal here. Last year, though, when I went up to Mom's in Pennsylvania, I saw them there, too (and by the same company names as well), for the first time ever in my life. Did they suddenly become legal in Pennsylvania? When I was a kid Dad would usually pick some up when we went to South of the Border in South Carolina, or when we crossed through Virginia on our way home, or even we sometimes popped over the bridge into Delaware, but never in Pennsylvania.

Did I miss something? It's weird. (But neat - I inherited my father's love for pyrotechnic theatrics, so I've assumed the duties of setting the backyard on fire every year for the kids. They loved it last year, so we're going to do it again this year as well.)

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