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A few random notes from me

Pre-registered for Pennsic today. Only 42 days left to go. Gah!

I ordered my contacts yesterday. They can't get here fast enough. Hate these glasses.

Been playing a lot of Starcraft lately after hearing they're going to be releasing a II. I also realized I bought Brood Wars ages ago but never played it, so after I breeze through the original (been using cheats) I'll try to play it through.

Q got me the latest 2 issues of "Twisted ToyFare Theater" yesterday as an anniversary gift. No doubt I will love them. :D (I got him roses on Wednesday, which are blooming nicely.) We went out Tuesday night to Outback to celebrate and used up a whole stack of gift cards.

Nice boring weekend coming up, to cap off a nice boring week. Plus, double XP weekend on CoH - woo hoo!

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