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BLITEOTW - Gotcha Ya!

Needless to say, I have not been eaten by zombies. I was participating in a little blogosphere ruse called "Blog Like It's The End Of The World", which I happened to hear about from thespian.

Usually I'd ignore something like this, or just go along with other people's LJs, but I figured first, it was something I actually heard about before it happened, so I could actually participate from the very beginning, and second it caught my interest as a writing experiment. I'm not a writer, but, as most of you know, I do enjoy telling stories, and I thought this would be kind of unique in a War Of The Worlds kind of way. I also realized I was in a unique position on both LJ and in the real world.

No one I know on LJ lives closer than 2 hours away (hi, gingy!), so I wondered who could or would actually believe something as pandemic as a zombie outbreak could be real. Geographically speaking I'm in the perfect spot for an outbreak - I'm in a somewhat isolated, rural area, at the tip of a peninsula with few access points. I figured either way it would prove to be an interesting scenario - if it started here it would be limited locally for a while, possibly not even spreading; if it started elsewhere it would take a long while before it reached us. I sort of went at it from both angles since friends all over were jumping into it, so I took the tack that something was going on, but we really didn't know what as it was taking its sweet time overrunning the population down here.

So given all that, I wondered if I could write it convincingly enough, and slowly enough, that people would actually believe it, and from that point I really did see it as an opportunity to write something I had never done before. I even screened some comments of people who knew what was going on and might have given it away, but I'm unscreening them now. (I even slipped and included the above link in one of my replies to rvrjoe775, which I figured, if people followed, it might alleviate the worries of those who were actually seriously concerned; it seemed to work with some folks, but not everyone.)

Unfortunately I guess I did it too well, because I did cause a few people to believe something was going on and to take it seriously before they realized it wasn't real, and for that I apologize. My intent was only to have this be a writing experiment for myself, but I needed an audience to know if I could succeed at it. It was not meant maliciously by any means, but only in good fun, in the spirit of the dozens of others participating as well. If you're mad at me, I understand, but I hope it will pass, because I would hate to lose contact with someone over it.

For those who did enjoy it, thanks for participating. I had a blast! :)

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