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Update again

OK, totally freaked out now.

Cops were out *everywhere* on the way back from lunch. I saw at least one bunch rushing into a house with guns drawn.

Several accidents, including pedestrians, but ambulances were on the serious scenes. I saw one EMT restraining someone to the cart to get them into the ambulance.

I get back to work just in time to get told everyone's been told to go home - except essential personnel, which I am. Lovely. They're saying there's some kind of illness or pandemic in the region and they're not taking any chances, so the less people congregate the better. (Fortunately the campus is mostly empty anyway, so it's not like it's some kind of huge evacuation or anything, it's just sending everyone home like the power had gone out or something.)

My boss is looking into specifically who has to stay and who has to go from our department. Since I answer the phones, I'll likely have to stay to help manage things, at least for a little while.

I'm calling Q to see what he's heard. I'm hearing *nothing* on the news, except for a local AM radio station that is broadcasting the Emergency Broadcast System signal and telling people to stay tuned.
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