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San Diego community chaos

Good, lord. Could we have a little less drama, please? :rolleyes:

There has been a long-standing LJ community for San Diego called, not surprisingly, san_diego. It is currently moderated by tphanich, and evidently some people have decided his moderation is a bit too heavy-handed. See, the guy actually deletes entries that have little or nothing to do with San Diego, or are redundant, such as folks posting multiple entires on their personal opinions of the California recall and who we all ought to vote for. He even deleted a post that {gasp!} was a personal rant and was better suited for someone's own personal journal! Oh, the horror!

First, there was sandiego_events started by avantard as a response to too many political opinion entries being posted (specifically by housespinner/djslam9, who annoys me for various reasons and I've had words with him before - reminds me of Hastur as being a bit of a frothing zealot for his cause, whatever it may be, and queer or not, I'm staying away from him). Although I agree with him about the preponderance of political opinion entries, I thought starting another community was a bit overreactive.

Then steph started cityofsandiego because she posted about how awful San Diego drivers are, and when the mod got complaints, he deleted the thread. So instead of e-mailing him asking what was up, out of spite she started a new community, started trashing the existing one, and was calling him a Nazi and saying she is so much cooler than everyone else here and only the cool people should join her new community.

The hell?

Wanting to keep up with San Diego stuff, I initially joined them both. Then, sandiego_events was deleted. When I asked, it seems there was "too much drama" so he decided to just delete it. Weird. Then I looked a little closer at cityofsandiego and saw exactly how high school steph is. Here is the post where I realized I didn't want to be part of her new "cool" community:


I'm going to have to go with this entry here and ask the same question. I've never had any problems with the moderator of san_diego nor the community itself outside of a slight overdose of political rantings (which is something that, IMHO, should be addressed to those individuals posting those rantings instead of punishing everyone).

Now when I look at the info page for this community, I see this:

"this community was created because san_diego is run by nazi's. i'm cool, all of the members are cool, and i guarantee that no posts will be deleted, because there is a such thing as free speech. BOOYAH!"

"Nazi?" "I'm cool?" "We're cool?"

Add that to the things you, steph, said over in the other community announcing this one:

"i'm not the only one that's been complaining that this community is run by nazi's who delete a post becuase they don't like it, even if it's relevent to san diego. not everyone is going to get along all of the time, and there's a such thing as an intelligent debate, although a lot of you are far too stupid to be involved in one. anyways, my point is:

cityofsandiego. join. or don't join. actually about 75 percent of you i would prefer not to join, but there are a few cool ones lurking in the shadows, i just know it. peace."

"A lot of you are far too stupid?" "75 percent of you I would prefer not to join?" Only "a few cool ones?"

What are you, 12?

With that attitude, I think I'm going to leave this community. Best of luck.


I don't think I'll miss it much.

Fortunately, tphanich learned a bit from this ordeal - he apologized to steph, and has decided to e-mail people giving them the opportunity to change their entries before he deletes them, and is going to ask people to use lj-cut tags more often. I think both are fair and reasonable. He also clarified that he only deletes posts that he gets complaints about from more than one user, or that obviously have nothing to do with the spirit of the community.

Yeah, I don't need to see every post about people coming to visit or where to find a good hair stylist or what stuff someone has for sale, but people also post stuff about local bands, and neat places to eat and such, and I get to post things about Conjecture and Gaylaxicon. Plus someone was selling a TV once and I bought it from her. :D

It's always annoying when people start to spliter off, especially when it's out of spite. I'm glad this was a fairly easy decision, though, given the high school clique attitude being presented.

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