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My thoughts on Pride

So another Pride weekend come and gone. I often quip "same rainbow crap, different year," and for the most part it's true. Still, it's a great time to people watch, and I still go and look at the booths to find groups I might find interesting. One thing I've noticed over the years is a serious change from just having flyers to having something to give away to interest people in your booth, be it as simple as a bowl of candy to buff guys handing out lube samples. I've seen it all before with cons and working San Diego Pride for so many years, and I even find myself looking for the booths with the best swag.

All in all I'm still impressed with the amount of diversity we have in our community - sports groups, religious groups, ethnic groups, political groups, professional groups, you name it; from the police department's GLBT liaison office to "Dykes on Bikes," from your local gay real estate agent to the naked bear retreat, you truly can find someplace to connect to if you're willing to. I think it's neat. :)

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