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I don't get it...

Um, the last few days have been way beyond weird and unusual. I've got a certain someone visiting me from out of town, and what was supposed to be a somewhat romantic few days has turned into a twisting passageway of deceit, lies, confusion, and the INS. I do believe someone has tried to use me in a very, very bad way, and fortunately I'm discovering who my friends really are - and that they're looking out for me. Once the drama - and I do mean drama - is finished unfolding I'll post more, 'cause it's a fucking long story from start to end. Even if it's not malicious, there is so much going on that I don't know about - it's all a lie, I guess.

To quote the song I'm listening to:

"My mind is in darkness now.
My God, I am sick -
I've been used,
And you knew all the time!
God, I'll never ever know
Why you chose me
For your crime -
Your foul, bloody crime!
You have murdered me!
You have murdered me, murdered me, murdered me, murdered me!"

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