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Update for today

Not much planned for this week except a lot of house-related stuff. One of my projects is to do something with the front yard, including putting in bushes in our tiny little border, and putting large potted plants (not sure if I'll do flowers or bushes) in my rock border, as every once in a while my rocks start "migrating" again and it irks me how annoying our neighborhood brats are.

This weekend is DC Pride, and the boys are dragging me up for it. Bah. Same rainbow crap, different year. I'm trying to be smart about it, however, and we're getting a hotel close by so that if they want to go clubbing they can stumble their own way home and I won't have to worry about either going to the club (which I hate) or coming back to pick their drunk asses up (and last year I ended up napping in the car while they were at Apex, and that wasn't any fun). Hopefully that will work better for everyone. :)

That's it. What's snoo with you?

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