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Weekend review - Sunday

Sunday William came over again to finish fixing the pool filter which had sprung a leak in one of the pipes. After that we finally put up the magnetic knife holder Mom got ages ago, and I have to admit it's pretty keen. When we finished we went and picked up Marlene, and we all went for a late lunch to Macaroni Grill, which was pretty decent Italian food. When we got home I did a few more little things, packed up some stuff, and headed home. The rain was pretty bad at points, but I went down 301 instead of 95 and I think I managed to avoid a lot of congestion that way (plus it's a prettier drive). When I got home I saw that Q had finished putting almost all of his figures into the display cases, and that he cleaned the office top to bottom (I wasn't happy he cleaned off the entirety of my desk, as I really can't stand it when people mess with my stuff, but his intentions were good so I'll get over it). It was nice to see Mom, but it was equally nice to get home to my honey. :)

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