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Tuesday was quiet, punctuated by my 6-month review which I didn't know I was supposed to get. I got "satisfactory" in everything, and in the few areas I got "needs improvement" it was only because those are things I'm supposed to be doing but they haven't handed it over to me yet, so it's not a negative thing. So I guess I'm officially off the probationary period and am a "real" employee (whatever that means).

I went for my follow-up eye appointment after work, then went shopping, which is never good when I'm in the mood. I picked up a few necessities, including some new shirts and pants, which I desperately need, so I guess I don't feel so bad. I came home, had something to eat, and promptly fell asleep watching The Universe on the History Channel. I woke up groggy around 11, went to bed, and woke up when Q got home from work, then back to sleep...

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