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Saturday morning we got up early and headed up to DC to visit with Q's fag hag Bobbi, her new boyfriend Jeremy, and her sister Mary Rose. We met up with Bobbi and Mary Rose a few months ago in Philly, and it was very nice to see them again, but the big thing was finally meeting Bobbi's boyfriend Jeremy. Evidently he was very nervous about meeting Q (probably as nervous as I was about meeting Bobbi for the first time when Q and I started dating), but also about meeting a bunch of queers in general, as he's lived kind of a sheltered life. He had nothing to worry about, of course - he was a little quiet, but we all enjoyed meeting him immensely. (He's also kind of a gamer/sci-fi geek, so I particularly enjoyed chatting with him when I could, although we kept splitting up so I didn't get to talk to him as much as I'd have liked to.)

We spent the morning at the Air & Space Museum, walked through the Natural History Museum for a while, did a little (well, I did a *lot*) of shopping at the H&M store, then headed back to the hotel and went shopping at Tyson's Corner. Derek and Kyan met up with us briefly but decided they wanted to hang out in DuPont Circle for the afternoon, so they went their own way.

After a lovely Thai dinner, Bobbi & Jeremy crashed, I dropped Quincy off at Apex with Derek and Kyan (after their sexcapades at the bathhouse), and Mary Rose and I went back to the hotel, watched Planet of the Apes, and fell asleep. The 3 drunkards stumbled in around 3:30 am...

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