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An update

Since my boss is out today I can do a little updating. :)

The weekend was quite nice, although thinking back I'm sketchy on exactly what happened when, but no matter - t'was still nice.

Friday night all the kids came over - Derek, Kyan, Matthew and his new boyfriend Michael, and Ro and her friend (whose name I forget, but she was delightful). We got Chinese food, watched Lisa Lampanelli and To Wong Foo, and had fun hanging out. Q had to work until 11, but we managed to get in a game of Taboo until a certain someone decided getting mad at me was the best way to play, so I went to bed. Harumph.

Saturday Q put together some of the Ikea furniture we'd gotten last weekend, and I spent time helping and moving stuff around and working outside. Kyan and I got pizza waiting for Q to come back from a Filipino party he went to in the late afternoon and Derek to get back from a local car show all day, then they all watched The 4400 while I puttered around some more. (I didn't get any CoH game time in, which has been frustrating lately. Harumph again.)

Sunday was lazy but still fun. Q put together the rest of the furniture and finished the shelves in the bedroom, and I made a run to Lowe's, and then Giant for dinner (sushi and fried chicken!). Afterwards we finally played "Dread Pirate" which was rather enjoyable, if simple (and the game itself is gorgeously appointed). Derek stayed over again because he's on leave this week for his birthday (which is today - happy birthday!).

Yesterday I so didn't want to go into work, but did. Harumph #3. Last night, inspired by the announcement of the release of Starcraft II, I played a little Brood Wars for fun. :)

Today I so didn't want to go into work, but did, and am glad since my boss is out. I still want to take a mental health day perhaps this week to get some more stuff done around the house, like pay bills and whatnot.

This weekend we were supposed to head up to Mom's, but we forgot Q's fag hag is in Virginia this week, so we're going to meet up with them in DC instead on Saturday. The rest of the weekend is planless, so we'll see what happens.

And that's that. :D
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