Esprix (esprix) wrote,


I've found some conflicting information on the net, so I'm curious
if anyone has any first-hand experience with NAEIR (The National
Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources). The jist of it
seems to be they get "donations" from companies (which seem more to be
retail items that have reached the end of their potential to be sold for
profit) and non-profit companies can acquire these goods for free (after
their annual fee and shipping costs). Some places seem thrilled to be
able to get items like craft goods, greeting cards, paper goods, toys
and collectibles, etc. for their organizations, while other say it's
worthless free crap that really isn't free. mentions they don't
meet some of their internal criteria, such as the fact that their board
members get paid full salaries.

Anyone have anything they can add?

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