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Weekend wrap-up

We had quite a nice weekend. On Friday Q finally had off from his second job, so we decided to take our friend Kyan out for his birthday as our gift to him. I made dinner and then we headed up to Derek's friend Andy's house to pick him up, then headed into DuPont Circle to check in at the hotel, then rushed off to Apex so the boys could boogie. I had hoped to meet up with urban_bohemian, but it didn't happen. We did meet up with Matthew and his new boyfriend Michael but they couldn't stay overnight with us, and Kyan got invited to an "after party" (read: ORGY), so me, Q and Derek stopped off and got pizza (can't remember the name of the place but it was GOOD at 3 in the morning) on the way back to the hotel. (Kyan stumbled in around 7:30 or so in the morning and gleefully told us about his new personal best).

On Saturday we got up and headed out to Trio for brunch. We've had good experiences there in the past, but this time was an exception - after being seated we weren't so much as acknowledged by anyone on the waitstaff for a half hour, then two tables who were seated after us got served, and I had to talk to the host twice before the manager herself came to take care of us. On the plus side the food was good, the price was low, and she was very apologetic.

After that we met up with Andy again and wandered around DuPont, including Lambda Rising and the HRC store so I could get some accoutrement for my new truck (plus we spent way too much on stuff for the house). After that we headed down to Pentagon City Mall and spent more money, ate at Ruby Tuesday's, dropped Andy off at his car, and headed home.

Everybody was still awake, so we watched "Dreamgirls" and played Management Material and Uno Attack until I dropped over ded and went to bed.

Sunday was quite a lazy day. Kyan was up and left before I woke up, and me, Q and Derek spent the day watching stuff on TiVo, playing some City of Heroes, and watching "Born To Fight," a silly martial arts flick with some pretty Thai athletes and some very good stunts.

So all in all, a nice mixture of spending time with friends, going out, and staying in. I find that going out Friday night and Saturday and having Sunday free makes for a better weekend for me - makes it feel like I have an extra day off to recouperate before heading back to work.

Last night we went to Wal*Mart for some necessities. We're also working on care packages for two of our friends in Afghanistan and Iraq, including sending one a PSP. Tonight Q is back at work, so I'm probably going to do a little "me" shopping, including some clothes for work and the summer. I also still have a bunch of furniture to put together from Ikea, so that'll probably keep me busy this week, too.

No big plans for this coming weekend, and next weekend we're heading up to Mom's for Memorial Day. I'm also waiting to hear back from my 2 interviews from last week, but I'm not hanging all my hopes on either of them, so we'll see what happens.

That's it. What's new with you? :)
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