Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Workplace idiocy

"I know this is your busiest time of year, but I need you to do this thing which is the most insignificant, unimportant, most pissant thing I could think of. Now. Because even though I'm giving you the appropriate lip service by saying 'I know you're busy' I'm going to proceed as if I were actually the most important person on campus and so, of course, you'll be doing this most trivial thing that has no value or time sensitivity right away for me. And if you don't get it done in a timely manner (read: TODAY) then I will bug you and whine and probably report you to your superiors 'cause I'm a bitch that way. KTHNXBYE. (Double points if I'm an ignorant, whiny, pissant student who thinks the world revolves around them because I can't even wipe my own ass without help, triple if I'm leaving for the summer and am trying to weasel out of paying for damage I did to my own residence, and quadruple if I'm entirely packed and my parents are waiting outside for me with the engine running and whatever it is I need done I have to do right now because we're leaving right now and why can't you just drop everything else going on campus and do it for me right now? I don't care if the science building is on fire - I'm more important!)

P.S. Of course the next time I need something from you I will be super nice to you and act like this incident never occurred, which you will of course take at face value and treat me like your best friend and do all kinds of favors for me (including bending the rules for me if necessary), 'cause I'm manipulative that way and I presume I'm rather clever by doing so."

(And this, dear friends, is just one reason of many why I'm looking to move to another position ASAP.)
Tags: fuck you, razzin frazzin, work, wtf?

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