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Weekend update

NOTE: We lost phones and internet at work yesterday, so I used the the downtime to catch up from the weekend. I'll post today's update later. Hee!

Friday night our friend Gary Kyan brought over his new boyfriend, Tony, and we hung out for a while until Q got home from work (a whole week working two jobs tuckered my poor honey out, but not so much that he couldn't go to see Spider-Man 3 at midnight on Thursday). They pick on each other as much as Q and I do, so I figure there's hope for them yet. :) When they left I dropped my truck off at the mechanic to get inspected.

Saturday I got a call from the mechanic that it needs a new gas line, which will be quite a bit of money. Ugh. But I figure since I got it for free, even with a little work I'm still ahead of the game, so it's all good. We went to pick it up since they can't do the work until next week, and then we headed up to Waldorf for Free Comic Day. We decided to go to a different comic shop than where Q usually goes since they were advertising a big sale. Quincy bought a few hardcovers he'd been wanting, and much to my delight they had games! I controlled myself and only bought three - Terra Nova, Shut The Box and Management Material. Glee!

From there we met up with our friend Derek and headed to Ikea. Now that he's making loads more money and we got our tax refund, it was time to finish off the last few pieces we needed for the house. Unfortunately, the pieces we needed for our entertainment unit were discontinued. That wouldn't be so horrible if it weren't the third time that's happened to us with Ikea. WTF? They usually carry stuff for years and years, but when we want it, they stop making it?

(In this regard, sadly, I seem to be cursed - every time I like something, they stop making it. This has been particularly true with food I like - Cinnacrunch, Pepsi Twist, and a few other things that I've long since forgotten - but also my favorite hair gel, the living room carpet we originally wanted, the Christmas tree we were all set to buy, and more. It's amazingly frustrating, and every time it happens I can hear my mother saying, "Snow machine! Snow machine!" Long story. Ask me later.)

So we settled on our fourth choice, which of course was out of stock. Bah. Still, we managed to find almost everything else, including a bar, desk chair, display cases for Q's Marvel figures, shelves, sheets, 2 dressers, and a bunch of little stuff. Of course it cost way more than I had figured it would, but this will pretty much be our last big spending spree, so it's all good.

After that it was dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. If I may say so, go there now. They weren't kidding when they said their brisket was smoked - we could literally taste the smoke rolling off our tongues. It was the first time I'd really tasted meat like that, and I loved it. Everything was great - very good prices for a whole lot of food, and the service was very very fast. At the end of the meal we all agreed we'd go back soon, and when we mentioned to our waiter it was our first time there, the manager came over with a take-out menu and a free bottle of their BBQ sauce. How many times do you get treatment like that at a restaurant? So yeah, highly recommended by us.

Sunday we spent the day putting together our new toys (Q is very proud of his new bar), and our friend Matthew brought over his new boyfriend, Michael, and I made dinner for everybody. We ended up watching The Island, which I'd never seen all the way through, and I was hoping to play a little Management Material but they were all too tired, so we just cleaned up and went to bed.

Today I'm leaving work early for a job interview (details later), and this week is another four days of two jobs for Q, but I'm sure it'll pay off (literally) next week on payday. (Otherwise he's extremely excited about the new job at the college, and it looks like he's going to have a very rewarding time there.) He's going to let loose on Friday when we head up to DC to go to Apex, and then Saturday we're planning on going shopping for rainbow paraphernalia in DuPont Circle, and meeting up with Q's minister to find out how we can contribute to the congregation.

And that's that. :P
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