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My take on friendship

I don't like it when my friends fight. However, I understand it's inevitable. I just hope (wish?) they understand that I see some genuine good in all of them, which is why I want to be their friend in the first place. Perhaps I put up with more than could be reasonably expected of your average person to endure, but my reasons are that I like most of that person, and understand that we all have flaws, and I can usually look past those flaws to see the core of the person, which is what I like about them. (Granted there are some lines that even I won't tolerate crossed, but most of the time I do my darndest to work things out once the heat has cooled.)

I mean, let's face it - friends fight. Hoo boy, do they fight. But that's the short term - what's important is the long term. I mean, I look at myself when things like this happen, and accept that I'm a royal pain in the ass at times. I also accept that there are things about myself that I don't like, and some of those things I can change, and some I can't. I also like to think that the people who are still my friends, like me, see past my own flaws and mistakes and fumbles to understand what they mean to me, and what I hope I mean to them, and that both of what we are that makes us us is what's important, and meaningful, and worth preserving, and worth fighting for.

So, to anyone and everyone I've ever pissed off, annoyed, frustrated, fought with, or otherwise made you want to never speak to me again, I apologize, and I hope you understand that despite my imperfections, your imperfections, and our basic humanness, I still like you and want to be your friend.
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