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Catching up

Been a hectic few days, especially at work, but I'm feeling a little more caught up now. Have a ton of laundry to do and many things to do for Conjecture, Gaylaxicon, LYC, etc., but I just have to prioritize and take them one at a time.

I'm working on my Pennsic diary plus the weekend, but I'll post a quick update of the past couple of days.

Monday was the first day back at work, and I was already being overwhelmed. It didn't help that Adam has a lengthy list of hotel stuff for Conjecture that needs to be addressed (and he's badgering me about it, although I will admit I'm a little behind, but I was hoping to get some kind of break after two weeks at War - no rest for the weary, it seems). Plodded through a maelstrom of e-mails, got home, and took Q out on a real date - flowers, dinner, and some "us" time. T'was nice, as it always is with him.

Yesterday I kept plowing through stuff at work (although I took time at work to get a car wash, which actually made me feel a little more grounded, and redeemed a gift certificate for lunch, and a free lunch is always good), and started laundry when I got home (there was a ton left to do before I left, and then I added two weeks worth of garb to the pile[s]). I also finally looked at my e-mail for the first time, and have a lot of catching up to do there as well. Q came over late and spent the night, but at least I got to see him in his uniform when he left this morning - rowr!

Today I finally feel somewhat caught up at work, and AMB and I did our weekly update to get me back on track with an updated task list (she was out last week as well, so we're both kind of in the same mindset). Tonight is gaming, as usual.

Tomorrow is the LYC EC meeting, and that should get me back on track focused there. Thank heavens everyone kept things going while I was gone - Yudi and Peter and the rest really are quite capable and it's a worry off my mind that they really don't need me to be the only driving force anymore. Friday night Pat and Johnny want to take Howie out because he's moving back to L.A. (I missed his entire month here in San Diego!), Saturday Q and I might go to Disneyland, and Sunday is a Conjecture meeting, LYC pot luck, and Gaylaxicon meeting. Ugh.

Maybe next week I can take another vacation. :)

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