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Did I mention I was bored?

T'was a nice weekend at Mom's. We drove up Saturday afternoon, fixed
the screening on the porch, and took her out to dinner at Olive Garden
where we all ate way more than we thought we would. Sunday we helped
out around the house, and my sisters and the kids and friends of the
family all came over for Mom's famous Easter dinner, where again we all
stuffed ourselves silly (Mom cooked a lot, and threatened to
break her oven again). We finally made it home about 10:30 Sunday

Last night we went out to Cici's for pizza and watched "Planet Earth,"
which was most excellent. Tonight I need to call the restaurant (again)
and rattle some more sabers, and at some point do our taxes.

So how's with you all?

Tags: family, food, friends, legal, mom, money, philly, travel, work

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