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Last update for a while...

Being out two days sick before you leave on a two-week vacation SUCKS.

But first, a recap.

Pride last weekend was GREAT! Made it on time w/Myke, got the convertible from Christopher, decorated it with two colorful banners (albeit with some minor reduction surgery to each), Chris painted himself silver to be an alien, Allison sweated her patootie off as a wizard, Quincy donned the mantle of the Batman, I was surprisingly comfortable in my Starfleet uniform, and Vince showed up right as we stepped off in his amazing Robin costume, plus we had a last-minuted tailed furry entry on rollerskates (I can never remember his name), and Darrel was kind enough to step in last-minute to drive the car. I got lots of hoots and hollers ("Beam me up, Captain Kirk!" was the usual, but that's what you get when you play to the masses), Chris really hammed it up, Myke and Allison both looked great, but I think the Batman and Robin duo got the biggest reaction, and certainly the most stops for pictures. We could have done a better job sticking with the car, but Darrel did an excellent job (despite a cramped clutch foot) keeping pace, and it was almost a perfect day for a parade - not too hot, a little overcast, and a breeze blowing. Great crowd, too. Fun fun.

After the parade we stripped the car, headed back to Christopher's so Chris could get human again, then Christopher met us with my car so we could get down to the festival. Parked, and worked the G'con booth in costume for the day. Bill did a GREAT job setting up - my green Borg light, the banners, the rainbow frisbees, just a lot of fun.

Checked in on the LYC booth, and the boys did a great job there, too. Pretty much the same decorations and set-up as last year, except the table was out front instead of having people come into the booth, we were giving away red envelopes with candy instead of the fortune cookies, and Greg had set up a computer photo frame with digital pics of past events.

We broke down Saturday and ended up going out to Rudford's on El Cajon for a late dinner, then Chris took off and Q stayed over. Sunday wasn't as much of a rush, so we finally got to the festival around noon, and I spent most of the day in and out of both booths as the LYC booth was pretty much covered. Gave folks a little bit of a show when Q and I had to put on our suntan lotion, but hey - who would have thought that me shirtless was a promotional tool? Daniel stopped by and sounded MUCH better than what I'd heard how he was on Saturday, so props to Robbie for keeping him on an even keel. Q was smart enough to hang back and let Daniel deal on his own terms, and I sensed progress there.

Finally had to break down both booths Sunday night, so I went off and waited in line for about an hour before they'd let cars in to load (we didn't bother with this last year as we trucked everything out on carts, but couldn't do that with the contents of two booths going back to my house). Afterwards Peter dropped stuff off at my house, and then we just crashed.

All in all I'd say a huge success - lots of good feedback for the G'con booth (met a lot of gamers particularly), and the LYC booth got more people signed up for our e-mail list than last year (of course, being two booths down from an Asian porn booth didn't hurt!).

This week's been weird. Stayed in Monday and did laundry, Tuesday night went out to dinner with Tom, Myke and John, only to feel a little queasy during dinner that turned into full-blown flu, which kept me out of work Wednesday and Thursday. Not only did I have a LOT of things to do at work before I left, but I didn't get any laundry or packing done because I was too sick. :( Bleargh. Q did stop in to comfort me, and tonight he's staying over to take me to the airport tomorrow, where Celeb will pick me up and I can forget my troubles at magical Pennsic once again this year. I will, of course, miss everyone terribly, especially Q. :(

So, that said, I won't be doing any more updates for a while, but I'll update (hopefully with pictures) upon my return. Buh-bye!

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